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 She's asked Davos Questions to CEOs & Senators, has hit a hole in one, won a skeet tourney,
achieved Managing Director & stands 6 FT in Jimmy Choos. KelloggMBA/Oxford 
Interviewed by a WSJ reporter, quoted in Forbes, her 1st media mentor created Entertainment Tonight. 

Broadcasting from the #1 Happiest, Healthiest City in USA: Naples, Florida
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Here Comes the Sun: Sandra asks POTUS & CEO Unilever to help get Doves to Davos 
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Radio Interview: Careers & Conscious Capitalism 


"Invest in the largest economic opportunity worldwide." Davos Women, #WEF 2011 - 2017
Sandra is changing the look & feel of leadership. She predicted Trump, saved Unilever & helped get women in Augusta.
Media credits: Interviewed for book "Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women." TV/Cable appearances on HBO & PBS. 
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