Sandra Rupp was placed on the Thinkers50 Radar List for the world's top business thinkers.
Viewers in 168 countries MBA Kellogg/Northwestern/Studied at Oxford
 Sandra has asked Davos Questions to CEOs, achieved Managing Director in executive search, hit a hole in one & stands 6 FT in Jimmy Choos. 
Debuting internationally in FT Alphaville, quoted on, her 1st media mentor created Entertainment Tonight & Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous.
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Based in  #1 Happiest, Healthiest US City  & Best Environment #ConsciousCapitalism
"Career Tips meets ET." "In awe of Davos Woman." "The next Barbara Walters." "The Feminine Leader Voice." 

 Top Videos: Breakfast After Davos 2018 & Sandra's Advice to Dove and Unilever CEO
 What's Your Dream? Most Famous People She's Met & Watch Her Cannes Lions  Pitch
Sandra invites Top Global CEOs to Interview on Camera & asks FT Viewers What to Wear at World Economic Forum? 

"Introducing the priceless Sandra Rupp." FINANCIAL TIMES Alphaville 

Sandra is changing the look & feel of leadership. She is a #1 Trend Forecaster, has advised global CEOs & CMOs, has helped get more women to top conferences & into #Augusta.
Media Credits: Interviewed for book "Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women." TV/Cable guest on HBO & PBS. Investors please find her on &
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